ELITE Education Global was founded in Garden City, Utah, USA in 2012. ELITE represents many schools in the United States including: Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Montana, Idaho, Washington, New Mexico, Florida and California.  ELITE is the only designated foreign exchange service for many top high schools in the Western United States. We are committed to quality education and detailed personalized services for our students. While striving to develop robust and diverse programs for our schools.


About ELITE Education Global

Q: Why should a student choose ELITE?

A: ELITE provides an opportunity for quality education to all families. ELITE's goal is to help all students succeed in the globalized world this is why ELITE is equipped with a team in both the U.S. and China to help navigate communication and cultural differences.

Q: What does the ELITE Student Service team do?

A: The Student Service team functions as a bridge between schools, host families, parents, and students.  There is someone from the team on call 24/7 ensuring that students' safety is top priority. Every month the Homestay and Student coordinators will meet with families and students in person. The Student Service team then releases a host family and student report updating parents on the most recent events happening within ELITE.

Q: Who should a student contact if they have difficulties or questions?

A: Students can contact their regional coordinator at any time by wechat, phone or email.

ELITE Schools

Q: How do students sign up for classes, can they choose any class they like?

A: Typically as a first year student with ELITE the academic school counselor will choose appropriate courses for the international student before they arrive to the US. The following years, students work with the academic counselor to sign up for courses that meet their requirements.

Q: What should a student do if they fail a class?

A: Students should always seek help from their teachers first. If extra help from the teacher is not enough, then the student may request a tutor. If a student is unable to pass a class then they must work with their school to sign up for an approved online course during the summer or at night after school hours.

Q: Where can a student find a tutor?

A: Upon a parent's or student's request, ELITE will provide a tutor to work with students after school. Students and their families may be expected to pay for a private tutor depending on the student's needs.

Q: Can students participate in school activities?

A: All students are encouraged to participate in school activities as this can be some of the greatest learning experiences. Usually schools will post flyers and information on campus and students are expected to sign up themselves. If a student is unsure how to get involved, they may contact their ELITE coordinator.

Host Families

Q: Can students change host families?

A: ELITE works with AHomestay to provide students with quality families and to ensure a fantastic experience while studying abroad. Remember communication is key! Sometimes there may be miscommunication between students and families especially with a language barrier. ELITE asks that students be patient and try their best to adjust to a new culture and new way of living. If a serious issue does arrive then students may fill out the “Host Family Concern Form” found on ELITE's website.

Q: Are students allowed to travel while in the U.S.?

A: All students who wish to travel separate from any ELITE or host family activities, even if the student is over 18 years of age, must fill out the Travel Authorization Form on ELITES's website with a parent or guardian signature in advance of departure.

Q: Do host families provide transportation?

A: Host parents are not personal drivers and often times must attend to their jobs and own children.  Host families are very understanding and will always help a student figure out the best way to get to the places they need. If students arrange a time with the parents well in advance, they are usually able to accommodate the students transportation needs.

Q: Can international parents visit their child in the U.S.? Can they live with the host family?

A: International parents are always welcome to visit their child in the U.S. Before visiting, parents should fill out the “Family Visit Form” on ELITE's website. Host families often do not have enough space to accommodate parents, t is encouraged the international parents book their own living accommodations.

Q: Can parents find a home-stay for their child to live with in the U.S.?

A: Yes, please make sure the home-stay is safe and responsible. Please provide host family information to ELITE including their name, address, and contact number.

Q: Will host families travel with students on the weekend or during holidays?

A: Host families often take students with them to participate in family activities. It is encouraged that students attend these outings with their home-stay because they are unique learning experiences. If a student is unable to attend, please let the host family know well in advance.

Q: What if a student doesn't like the food their host family eats?

A: Please understand American food is very different from Chinese food, this is part of the challenge in studying abroad!  Student are always encouraged to cook with their host family and to teach them about Chinese cuisine as well. If a student has any issues with the food then they should directly talk with the host family or student coordinator.

Q: Can students invite friends over to the host family's house?

A: Each host family has their own rules. Always make sure to ask the host parents before inviting anyone to their home.

Applying to College 

Q: Do students need to take the SAT or ACT?

A: Every university has different requirements when applying, some require the SAT while some require the ACT. It is up to the student and their college counselor to determine what the right test is to take.

Q: Do students need to take the TOFEL or IELTS?

A: If students want to attend university in the U.S. then they must take the TOFEL exam. If a student is applying to universities in the United Kingdom then the IELTS exam is required.

Q: What documents are required to apply to U.S. universities?

A: Students must submit a college essay, a complete high school transcript, multiple letters of recommendation, SAT or ACT scores, a TOFEL score, and any other supplemental material the university requires. Please check application requirements for individual universities and those that participate in the Common App: www.commonapp.org

Q: How do students prepare for exams like the SAT and ACT?

A: All ELITE schools will post SAT/ACT exam schedules for the given year. Some schools provide preparation classes during the school day. If students need further help they should contact their college counselor.