Adjusting to a new home, a new school, and new friends can often be challenging. A-homestay understands how to help students navigate the landscape of being a foreign exchange student.


A-homestay offers both students and host families the resources needed to ensure a successful and enjoyable experience.


While we encourage our students to get involved in their own school programs. We also hold awesome activities throughout the year to help you stay connected. 




“Sports changed my life because my host family pushed me to do it and to try to find something I like to do. In the U.S. and places like Utah you have more chances to do something you enjoy, like hiking, fishing, and camping.

I feel  like the most important thing is that you have to know do you want to go outside of China. Elite is really a good company, but if you don’t want to and your parents just want you to then that’s not helpful. Just go and work with ELITE because they will help you."


"The first day I went to school, my heart was filled with joy and anticipation. My classmates were very enthusiastic. The schools in the United States and China are very different. I miss Montana in the United States. If there is a chance, I must go back there to study."

Dylan Zong

“Studying abroad was a huge change for me, the small school gave me a chance to talk with teachers who are willing to talk with me. I met some great teachers who changed my view of life and of the world.

The Midwest has a great English environment compared to California and New York, especially for high school. From my 2 year experience I am decent. ELITE offered me this great chance for an English environment."